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Studio One

Studio 1 

Studio 1 is our newest studio. The mixing desk is a Soundcraft SAC 200, giving the studio high quality stereo capabilities. There are two LAD record decks, two Technics CD players, a couple of Denon cassette players, a Revox A77 tape machine for playing features and some older music tracks, and a Sony DAT machine, which is used for features, jingles, music and pre-recorded programs.

The stations jingles are played from computer, using Windows software written by one of our engineers.

Presenters can select a "stack" of up to ten jingles or promotions from our jingle package. When triggered on the desk, the computer plays the selected items in sequence.

Studio Two

Studio 2 

The current Studio 2 was built around 1990/91, and is the template Studio 1 was designed around. Again there is a Soundcaft SAC 200 mixer, two LAD record decks, two Technics CD players, two Denon cassette players, a Revox A77 tape machine and a Sony DAT machine. A Pentium computer runs the computer jingle system.

Talk Studio

The Talk Studio 

The Talk Studio is situated between studios 1 and 2. It is quite a small room with just a couple of microphones and headphone sockets in it. For most of the patient participation programmes presenters sit in the talk studio whilst "technical operators" handle the equipment and outside broadcast or phone lines in one of the two main studios.

Record Library

Presenters prepare programmes in the station`s record library. We have over 30,000 titles, on 4,000 singles, 2,000 LP`s, 300 CD`s, 200 1/4" tapes and 30 DAT`s.

The extensive record library 

All of the records are indexed on computer so that a track can be found in seconds (one presenter used to do a contest where they had 60 seconds to get a callers record on air).

The catalogue can be read on any computer in building, so presenters can check for records without even leaving the studio.


It used to just be the place where tools were kept, but the workshop has now become the heart of the stations output.

As well as housing all the line amplifiers that send the station to the other hospitals, there are also two Hi-Fi video recorders that are used for automatically re-broadcasting programs, and the computer that controls the whole station output.

Again, using software written by one of our engineers, the computer controls the automatic rebroadcast system, the sustaining service and routing of studios to transmission. It also watches over the security system that protects the Radio Cherwell studios and plays a part in the computer jingle system.

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