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It's The Weekend For Everything Show!

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The Weekend for Everything Show is broadcast at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, and 10:00 AM on Saturday.

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This is a programme especially for our younger listeners and the young-at-heart.

Ted on the ward 

In January 1998 the Radio Cherwell childrens' show was re-born and is now broadcast every week.

Our presenters visit the Childrens' Hospital (CHOX) at the John Radcliffe Hospital, to take the programme to our young listeners.

'The Weekend For Everything Show' is brim full of quizzes and competitions, stories, fun features and interesting facts AND EVEN PRIZES. It's a two-hour chuckle. Call in to answer a quiz question or just for a fun chat with the team during the show - live on air!!!

Visitors are always welcome to the show. Authors of childrens' books have come in and read passages from their latest childrens' books and recently we even had a visit from a Wizard!

The radio station is an interesting and exciting place, especially when the children's show is being broadcast. If you would like to visit the studio and even take part as a guest on the show, then give us a call on 01865 225522.

Gold in the 2006 Hospital Broadcasting Awards - Best Children's Output

Radio Cherwell submitted a 10 minute entry to the judging panel who were made up by members of the broadcasting industry with sponsorship coming from BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Five Live, Independent Radio News, CBBC to name but a few. For the second year running Radio Cherwell children's programme 'The Weekend For Everything Show' won the coveted gold award. Pictured here are a few members of the team who attended the Conference weekend in Blackpool, Neil Stockton, Charlie Gregory, Jason Townsend and Ted Bown.

Hear the award winning entry for the HBA 2006 - Best Children's Output here (4.1MB)

Receiving the Best Children 
Harry Potter Exclusive

2005 saw Harry Robinson (Professor Dumbledore) joining the Radio Cherwell 'The Weekend for Everything Children's Show' for a special broadcast to promote the new release of the JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince".

Prospective member, Clara Blackings, hosted the show from the Nani Ward of the NOC (Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre) along with colleagues, Ted Bown, Bob Hodson (Ukulele Bob) and Neil Stockton. Paul Higgs was based at the studio to anchor the show.

The Weekend For Everything Show team 
Paul and Dumbledore in the studio 

The two hour broadcast saw many youngsters, parents and nursing staff, join in with competitions, request their favourite pieces of music and win loads of prizes, including a personalise signed copy of the Harry Potter book.

Emily Champion from Reading, pictured here, really enjoyed the programme, winning lots of prizes and singing along to her favourite song 'Especially For You' by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

Dumbledore and Emily Champion 

Matthew Fisher from Witney, Oxon also took part in the show, taking part in a lot of the quizzes and getting his parents involved with the fun.

Dumbledore and Matthew Fisher 

Khaleel Chima, from Burnham, also took part in the show, along with all his family who were visiting at the time. His two brothers, pictured here were also big fans of Harry Potter and were very please to meet a real film star!

Dumbledore and Khaleel 

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