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Hospital News is broadcast at 06:00 AM on Sunday, 11:00 AM on Monday, 06:00 AM on Tuesday, 12:00 PM on Wednesday, 06:00 AM on Thursday, 12:00 PM on Friday, and 06:00 AM on Saturday.

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Hospital News is a programme that has been produced to bring special news and features from behind the scenes of the Oxford's Hospitals. The aim is to inform patients about what is happening in the hospitals, tell them about events, activities and organisations which they and their friends and family might be interested in taking part in or contacting for support when they leave hospital.

The team:

Jacquie_Pearce-Gervis interviews an Amercian Serviceman @ the opening of the American Garden @ the Churchill in 2009  

Jacquie Pearce-Gervis interviewing an American Serviceman for Hospital News at the opening of the American Garden at the Churchill Hospital

John Lant, on the left, interviews BBC Oxford's Bill Heiner at the Radio Cherwell Studios

John Lant (left) interviews BBC Oxfords Bill Heiner at the Radio Cherwell Studios 
Neil Stockton (left) co-presents the programme with Sir Jonathan Michael CEO of the OUH trust 

Neil Stockton (left) co-presents the programme with Sir Jonathan Michael Chief Executive, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Charitable Funds, Oxfordshire Age UK, Sobell House and Maggie's Centre have regular monthly slots when they tell the patients about imminent events and report on recent successes.

Patients, Hospital Staff, Councillors, MPs, Local Celebrities, and Fundraisers for Oxfordshire charities come into the studio and either record interviews or take part in our programmes.

Colin Dexter, the author of the Inspector Morse books, was interviewed over the phone by the Hospital News team.

Lord Mayors of Oxford have visited the studios to take part in the 'live' Hospital News programme. Oxford Air Ambulance; Richard Pitman; Tom von Kaenel; Elizabeth Boardman (Hospital Archivist); Ambulance Service; Eric Sidebottom; OUH Chaplaincy Team; Don Rouse; Hugo Vickers; Helen Peacocke, (Writer) and Colin Cure, (Oxfordshire Association for the Blind) frequently take part in the show.

Special events are covered like:- Abseils, Not Just a Walk in the Park, OX5 Run at Blenheim Palace, Sobell House Moonlight Stroll are also featured in the Programme.

Our contact details:

How about telling us about your experiences as a hospital patient, good or bad? May be you are fundraising for the hospital or are involved in a hospital based charity. If you are a member of staff and would like patients to know about the work you are doing. We would be please to hear from you.

The team can be contacted by email at: or ring the Studio free of charge from your Hospedia bedside entertainment system on *800, from a hospital internal phone on 25522 or for the cost of a local call on 01865 225522 or text 447786200690 starting your message with Cherwell.

You can write to us at:- Hospital News, The Studio, Churchill Hospital, Heading, Oxford. OX3 7LJ

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