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Going Wild with Wildlife

Going Wild With Wildlife is broadcast at 05:00 AM on Friday.

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Stuart Mabbutt 

There is something for everyone on the Going Wild with Wildlife Show which aims to increase your understanding and enjoyment of the countryside, make you laugh and hopefully relax you.

Researched, produced and presented by 'Wildman' Stuart Mabbutt, local wildlife gardening specialist, birdwatcher, writer and amateur photographer.

There's music to induce visions of the countryside, interviews with all manner of interesting personalities and topical news items with a local, national and international flavour.

Recent interviews

Portland Bill, Dorset 

Rob Curtis on location at Portland Bill, Dorset

"One of the best places in the country for birds on migration...during Spring coming north from Africa and going south back to the continent in Autumn".

Compton Verney, Warwickshire 

Sam Skillings at Compton Verney, Warwickshire

Featuring Capability Brown, an 18th century landscape designer. "There are 6 permanent collections from all over the world and the largest UK collection of British Folk Art from old shop signs to beautiful ornate silk tapestry".

Gnat Hole, Glossop, Peak District 

Sue Sormaz at Gnat Hole, Glossop, Peak District

"People love the countryside because it reminds them of their true nature which is peace...peace is one of the original qualities of the soul. The countryside acts like a mirror to take me back to the core of myself to experience that inner silence and stillness".

Stuart Mabbutt

Stuart's latest venture will be to invite guests into the studio to talk about 4 pieces of music that for them evoke the countryside and what was going on in their life at the time - a countryside island discs if you like...well Britain is a small island compared to the continent!

Stuart is well known in the conservation world in and around Oxfordshire for birdwatching surveys and conservation and for his gardening work. He is regularly published in local newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

He has monitored bird populations at Shotover Country Park, Brasenose Woods and fields, Hinksey Lake and Iffley Meadows since 1979 and sends records to Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre.

Stuart has been gardening since the age of 3 although officially for the last 23 years and now specialises in wildlife gardening. His lively talks to groups which are illustrated with pictures show how to make even a small garden a haven for wildlife. With light hearted observations he looks at the psychology and sociology behind what makes and effective wildlife gardener as opposed to traditional gardener.

Many of his gardening articles will soon be published in an e-book for Perennial Royal Gardeners' Benevolent Society, a charity who has been helping Horticulturists in Need Since 1839 and was originally set up by Charles Dickens.

All proceeds from the e-book will go to the Charity. To find out more or make a donation to this very worthwhile charity go to

Contact Stuart

You can contact Stuart in the following ways:

Click the icon to email Stuart Mabbutt Click the icon to email Stuart if you would like to request a topic to be covered in the programme, chat about a project you are involved in 'on air' or for more information about how to make your garden a wildlife haven.

Click the icon to go to Stuart Mabbutt Gardening Ltd Face Book Page Click the icon to catch up with Stuart on Facebook, to see what he has been up to on the radio and much much more!!!.

Click here to go to Stuart Mabbutt Gardening Ltd Ozoshare page Click the icon to talk to him on Ozoshare, similar to Facebook for discussion on environmental topics. Its membership is more focused than Facebook as its members form a green community to promote environmental responsibility.

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