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You may not know that Oxford's hospitals have their own orchestra, the Radcliffe Orchestra, whose members are mainly staff, and which performs several times a year in the Nicholas Tingewick Hall on the John Radcliffe site. These concerts, and a number of other locally staged concerts, are broadcast by Radio Cherwell as part of its commitment to providing a local and specialised service.

Some concerts are broadcast live, where the performance times are appropriate, others are recorded for later transmission. In either case the setting up, rehearsal, performance and subsequent de-rigging is a time-consuming process requiring not only technical skills, but an ability to balance the needs of the performers and paying audience against the requirement to produce a high quality programme for transmission.

A Concert Recording 

We commission a number of less formal free concerts each year. These are broadcast live from one of the public areas within a hospital, and patients, staff and visitors are encouraged to attend in person if they are able to do so. We are grateful to those performers who give their services free, and thus enable these concerts to take place.

We undertake some recording work at the request of local musicians. Often, groups of young musicians or amateur performers will need a good quality recording to assess their performance, use as a demonstration, or simply keep as a record of a particular event. In return we ask for permission to use suitable parts of the recording in our programmes, and hope that they will be able to make a donation to offset the considerable cost of equipping and maintaining the station's technical equipment.

Radio Cherwell supports the Musicians' Union and the various copyright protection agencies. Where our recordings include performances by professional musicians, their consent is always obtained in advance, and a clear agreement reached over the rights to the recording. Where copyright material is included in the performance, efforts are always made to ensure that any use of the material not covered by our agreed exemptions, is negotiated with the rights holder by the potential user.

Richard Simmons

Outside Broadcast Manager

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