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We pride ourselves on bringing the patients of Oxford's Hospitals the most diverse range of radio programming in Oxford. We've got something to suit the tastes of everyone, from music based shows, magazine programs, and of course our regular patient participation programmes, which give you the chance to win prizes from a bar of chocolate, to something a little bigger

Patient Participation Programmes

We love visiting you at your bedside, and making sure you're involved in our programmes. We have a range of programmes in which you can get involved in, including the weekly quiz Don't Ask Me, where two wards battle it out to be crowned the winner. Our flagship Children's Show The Weekend For Everything Show broadcasts every Saturday LIVE from the Oxford Children's Hospital, as we bring a smile to patients and nurses alike, giving away all sorts from chocolate bars to DVDs!

And of course, one of our most popular programmes is Record Requests, which is broadcast nightly from 21:00, and is your chance to get your songs on the air. Our request teams will visit you, find out more about you, and play whichever song you want, to make your stay in hospital that little more enjoyable.

Music Led Programming

As we cater for a wide variety of ages, our music does too. We have programmes that play a wide selection of music, anything from the 1950s, right up until today. From chart hits by Taylor Swift & Olly Murs, to classics from Pink Floyd & ABBA, to classical pieces from Luciano Pavarotti. We cater for all tastes of music. So if you like pop, jazz, country, classical and more, you're bound to find a show that suits you.

Speech Based Programming

Although music programming is a big part of our schedule, it's not always about the music. We have programmes where you can simply listen in, and share your thoughts. Hospital News gives you all the latest information from organisations and people from the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, whilst Paws for Patients allows you to take a nice little stroll to local pubs in Oxfordshire without having to leave your bedside!

Special Broadcasts

We love getting out and about in the local hospital community, and throughout the year we broadcast special events that take place on hospital sites, direct to your bedside. You can find us broadcasting live from The Abseil which takes place throughout the year at the Women's Centre at the JR, raising money for a variety of different causes within the hospital, and you'll often find us at the Churchill Cancer Centre, broadcasting events that take place around the Grand Piano. We also regularly broadcast concerts performed by the Radcliffe Orchestra, who perform in the John Radcliffe's Tingewick Hall. You can find out more about our special broadcasts, and see when the next one is on by visiting the schedule pages.

With so many programmes, we can't possibly mention them all on this page. Our schedule is constantly changing, with new programmes being introduced all the time. Pick up a copy of the latest Listening News to find out when you're favourite programme is on, or for the most up-to-date schedule, view the Full Schedule or the Daily Schedule.

If you have any comments or queries about our programming, or you have a suggestion on how we can improve our schedule, please contact our Programme Controller, Ian Pinnell on (01865) 225522, *800 from your bedside unit or email:

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