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The Day By Day Schedule

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12:00 AM Radio Therapy Part 1
The story of Radio Cherwell. 
01:00 AM Late Night Theatre
Radio Cherwell presents an original play for your entertainment. 
02:00 AM Radio Therapy Part 2
The story of Radio Cherwell. 
03:00 AM Breathe
Music & Theatre produced to mark the tercentenary of the death of Dr John Radcliffe in 2014.  
04:00 AM Radio Therapy Part 3
The story of Radio Cherwell. 
05:00 AM The Music Box
Instrumental sounds for your early morning listening, with Gordon Low.  
06:00 AM The Stethoscope
Interesting and unusual stories unearthed by Kyle Jones. 
07:00 AM Wake Up With Music
Wake Up with an hour of non-stop music. 
08:00 AM Comedy Hour
Start Your Day with a Smile 
09:00 AM Record Requests
Another chance for you to hear yesterday afternoons show. 
10:00 AM The Folk Music Show
Donald McFarlane with his choice of folk music 
11:00 AM Hospital News
Our magazine programme featuring interviews, articles, and the latest news from within Oxfords Hospitals. 
12:00 PM THE A TO Z OF___
From Abba to ZZ Top we have them all here! Who will we choose today? 
01:00 PM Healthy Hits
Louise Oliver plays some lively music and offers tips on gentle exercise and how to eat sensibly. 
01:30 PM Paws for Patients
Helen Peacocke, accompanied by her dog, chats about some local, dog-friendly pubs and walks. 
02:00 PM Bringing Back The Good Times
The story of Oxfordshires pop music scene in the 1960s. Presented by Mark Watson. 
03:00 PM Nothing But The 60s
A nostalgic look at news and music from the 60s. 
04:00 PM The Art Show
Juliet Franks talks to a guest about their favourite works of art and plays their choice of music. 
05:00 PM Muso'moments
A recording of the late Ukulele Bob talking to local musicians and playing some of their music. 
06:00 PM Cherwell Country
Join Mike Abbott with the best in Country Music  
07:00 PM Eurovision
Songs from past Eurovision Song Contestspresented by Jeff Powell and David Brown. 
08:00 PM Friendly Island Discs
Guests Choose Their Favourite Tracks 
09:00 PM Record Requests
Your record requests and dedications, with Chris Causer and James Noland 
10:00 PM Boulevard Swing
Local musician Brian Thompson and his band with some late night jazz. 
11:00 PM Kens Collection
Richard Simmons selects some interesting music from the collection of one of our past members, the late Ken Griffiths. 
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